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It is with regret that I announce the cancellation of the Digging for Dementia Hallowe’en Harvest event, which was due to take place this Sunday, 27th October. This is due in part to the weather forecast for Sunday, which predicts heavy rain and strong winds all afternoon. However, the primary reason for the cancellation of the event is the lack of respondents. On the event poster, I asked attendees to contact me to inform me that they would be attending, but I have received no responses, and it seems a poor use of the money donated to Digging for Dementia in good faith to fund an event which nobody is planning to attend. With the exception of a possible Christmas event, Digging for Dementia will be taking a break over the Winter and will return in the Spring, potentially with two further sites located across Salford. Thank you for your continued support, and I hope to see more of you at next year’s sessions.

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EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Digging for Dementia’s Hallowe’en Harvest!

Hello, lovely Digging for Dementia supporters!


Apologies for the recent silence; as those of you who follow DFD on Twitter will be aware, the past few sessions have been cancelled due to illness. Thankfully, I’m feeling better now, and I’m ready to welcome Autumn with a Digging for Dementia spectacular!


Our veggies are almost ready to harvest, and I thought it would be fun to make an event out of it to celebrate our achievements in recent months. It’s also almost Hallowe’en, which is always a great time for a party! So on October 27th at 12pm, I’ll be holding Digging for Dementia’s Hallowe’en Harvest, and you are all invited to help the group to harvest our vegetables, and enjoy gruesome games, petrifying pumpkins, spooktacular sweets, terrifyingly tasty treats, and lots more! 


The event will be held on Sunday 27th October, from 12pm-3pm, at the Valley Community Gardens in Swinton. The event is open to people with dementia, their friends, relatives and carers, and anyone else who’d like to join in the fun! Further details and a gore-geous event poster to follow. Hope to see you there!



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Winter is Coming

Hello, lovely Digging for Dementia supporters!


The recent change in weather conditions has necessitated a swift re-evaluation of Digging for Dementia’s development over the next few months, and I wanted to share with all of you the decisions I’ve made regarding the group’s winter activities.


Several members of the group have informed me that they are struggling to attend every week now that the weather’s getting colder, which is understandable, particularly in the case of older people and those with illnesses. I’ve sadly been forced to cancel the past few DFD sessions due to a nasty chest infection, and I’m anxious not to subject any of the group to becoming poorly by continuing weekly sessions over winter.


I’ve therefore decided that from now until Spring, I will plan a small number of seasonal events, including a harvest festival to gather up the vegetables we’ve grown, a Hallowe’en-themed event, and a Christmas crafts session. I would have loved to plan an event for Bonfire Night, but I’ll be trekking my way across New Zealand by then, so sadly we shall have to miss out on fireworks. I will publicise each event as it approaches, and I hope that some of you will be able to attend. I’ll have plenty of hot drinks and treats on hand while we work, so we shouldn’t have to worry about the cold! I will recommence the weekly gardening sessions in the Spring, once we’ve all thawed out a bit and our little plot of land is ready for planting lots of veggies. I hope that you’ll all continue to support the project over Winter, and that I’ll have an equally wonderful group in the Springtime. Thank you for all of your support as always, and I hope to see you at some of Digging for Dementia’s upcoming seasonal events!



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Weeks 1 and 2: Sowing the Seeds

Hello, lovely Digging for Dementia supporters!


Apologies for the recent lack of updates; I started a new day job and had a poorly doggy to contend with, so life has been rather getting in the way. Digging for Dementia has, however, been continuing, and our little plot is making great progress!


During our first session, we prepared the soil ready for planting carrots, radishes and beetroot. As it’s a bit of an odd time of year for growing, we decided to stick to hardier root veg in the hope that we’d get a decent crop. After preparing the soil, we planted our seeds, and lots of fun was had!



When we arrived for session two, we were delighted to discover that our seeds had sprouted brilliantly! The radishes in particular have sprouted really well, but everything is looking good. We spent session two thinning out the seedlings, and transplanting some of the radish seedlings elsewhere in the bed to give them a better chance of growing.


I also posted a video update about session two on Digging for Dementia’s brand new Youtube channel:

We still have plenty of room in the group for newcomers, so if you’d like to join us, please feel free to come along! You can find more information about the sessions here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Recently, Digging for Dementia has received some very generous donations from supporters, and in the interests of transparency, I thought I’d share a quick update to tell you all how your money has been spent. Digging for Dementia has received an incredible total of £146.99 in cash and PayPal donations during the past few weeks, and I’m so grateful for the generosity of everyone who has donated to the project. You’re all fantastic! So far, the funds have been spent as follows:


3 litre hot water canister: £18.04

Giant noughts and crosses: £8.99

Giant playing cards: £2.97

Launch party cake ingredients: £10

Food, drink and crockery for launch party: £15


The remaining £91.99 will cover the costs of Digging for Dementia’s public liability insurance for almost five months, which is the project’s primary running expense, so I’m incredibly grateful to have that particular weight lifted! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported Digging for Dementia recently, whether by donating money or items from the Amazon wish list, baking yummy treats, attending the launch party (update to follow!), spreading the word via social media, or just offering support to me as I’ve been establishing the project. It’s so touching to see so many people getting behind Digging for Dementia, and I’m looking forward to showing you what your support has achieved!



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The final countdown!

After six months of planning and preparations, Digging for Dementia finally launches tomorrow afternoon! The launch has been a long time coming, and I’m equally excited and nervous to finally get the project started. The launch party will be held at the Valley Community Gardens in Swinton (directions here), which is also the home of Digging for Dementia, and we’ll have lots of exciting things going on, with refreshments, cakes, garden games and more! We’ll also have a gazebo in case the weather decides to be uncooperative, so don’t let the weather put you off! 🙂


As if the excitement of Saturday wasn’t enough, Digging for Dementia will also have a stall at the Society for Abandoned Animals’ Summer Fair this Sunday. Come down and say hello, meet some cute animals and support a good cause!


Digging for Dementia also received a mention on a local residents’ group website this week, which was rather exciting; I really want Digging for Dementia to be a fun, educational project for the whole community, so it’s great to see local people getting on board. Hope to see you at the launch!