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Digging for Dementia needs your pennies!

Digging for Dementia has been gathering considerable momentum in recent weeks. With a plot of land finally confirmed, and the first participants recruited, the project is almost ready to go! I’m planning to launch the gardening sessions in mid-August with a big garden party, and I have so many exciting activities planned for my lovely group. But in order to make this a reality, lovely supporters, I really need your help!


So far, Digging for Dementia has been funded almost entirely from my own pocket, with the exception of a few fundraising events. I’ve been more than happy to fund the project’s development as I love it with all my heart and desperately want it to succeed; however, as the project continues to grow, funding it myself is no longer sustainable. Although Digging for Dementia is not a hugely costly endeavour, the costs of running the project, including insurance, equipment and other materials, can quickly add up, and I’ve realised that the time is right to ask for help. The Digging for Dementia community has been so wonderful and supportive so far, and I would be so grateful if those of you who are able to donate some pennies to the project would be willing to do so. Even if you can only spare a pound, you’ll be keeping the group in teabags for a good few weeks!


You can donate securely through PayPal, either using the link at the side of the page, or the Donate page of this website. All donations will be used to fund Digging for Dementia’s running costs, and I will be posting regular updates to let you know how your money has been used. I’m not asking for a Scrooge McDuck-esque pool of money – Digging for Dementia only costs around £300 per year to run – but I would really appreciate any contribution you could make. And if you’re wondering what’s in it for you, I’ll leave that up to Avenue Q to explain 🙂