Digging for Dementia

Growing with people with dementia


A big announcement!

Hello, lovely readers! Firstly, I apologise for the recent silence; the cogs have been turning over at Digging for Dementia HQ, but the day job has been keeping me rather busy. I do, however, have some fantastic news about the future of the project!


Digging for Dementia has been gathering an incredible amount of momentum since I first established the project in March, and although I’ve been able to successfully lay the foundations for the project, plan its development and raise funds to purchase equipment, the struggles I’ve experienced when trying to obtain land have highlighted that Digging for Dementia has expanded too much for the project to remain a one-woman operation. Last week, I had a very exciting meeting with Action for Sustainable Living, a South Manchester-based environmental charity, and I’m going to be working with them on a voluntary basis as a Local Project Manager, delivering Digging for Dementia with the support of AfSL’s wonderful staff and extensive resources. Finding land for the project has proven to be immensely difficult, and Action for Sustainable Living have offered to use their contacts to help me to obtain a plot of land, which is fantastic. I’ll also be given training to build on the skills I developed at Groundwork, which will help me to run the project even more successfully, and I’ll be able to work with other members of the AfSL team to offer additional activities and enrichment for the people participating in my project. 


I’m so excited to have found a new home for Digging for Dementia within such a supportive environment, and I can’t wait to work alongside a team of smart, creative, like-minded people to take the project to the next level. Digging for Dementia will still be my baby, but by working with such a lovely group of people, I’ll be able to develop the project to a level beyond anything I could have achieved on my own. I have a feeling that this will be huge for Digging for Dementia, so stay tuned for updates. Onwards and upwards!