Digging for Dementia

Growing with people with dementia


About Digging for Dementia

Digging for Dementia is a Manchester-based community garden project for people with dementia. We want to provide opportunities for people with dementia to enjoy the outdoors, socialise, stay active and thrive within their community. We aim to help people living with dementia to feel included in their community and feel empowered to participate in enriching activities. Engaging with nature and taking part in physical activities has been shown to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia, and through our weekly sessions, we hope to offer such benefits to people living with dementia in Greater Manchester.


About Sarah NoonNYXe

Sarah Noone is the founder and project leader of Digging for Dementia. With an academic research background in holistic approaches to the management of Alzheimer’s disease, and experience in leading outdoor community conservation projects, Sarah is keen to harness the therapeutic value of nature and the outdoors in enriching the lives of people with dementia. As a carer for a family member with dementia, Sarah is sympathetic to the needs of people living with the condition and their carers, and began Digging for Dementia in order to help others whose lives are affected by dementia to enjoy outdoor activities and form bonds within their community. Sarah is a trained First Aider, a Dementia Friends Champion, and is experienced in leading groups of volunteers in outdoor work. She is therefore able to offer a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for people wishing to take part in Digging for Dementia sessions.

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