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Meanwhile, down in Ordsall…

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This week, I attended a meeting of the Ordsall Community Allotment Society for the first time. The group have very kindly permitted me to have two of the community allotment plots on their new site, which is due to be completed by early April. It’s a very rare thing to meet such supportive and enthusiastic people- they were so welcoming of Digging for Dementia, and have even discussed DFD with their local GP, who would also like to support the project. The group have worked so hard to build the community allotment project from the ground up, and their dedication is really inspiring. I think that my little project will be very much at home among such lovely people, and I can’t wait to get started!


The expansion of Digging for Dementia will lead to many more exciting developments over the coming months, not to mention much more work! I plan to launch the Ordsall site in May, so I’ll be recruiting participants and volunteers from March onwards. If you know anyone who would like to attend the sessions, or volunteer their services, please contact me at diggingfordementia@hotmail.co.uk. I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you as Digging for Dementia continues to grow!



Author: diggingfordementia

A community garden project helping people with dementia to enjoy the outdoors, socialise, stay active, and thrive within their community.

One thought on “Meanwhile, down in Ordsall…

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