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Digging for Dementia’s First Adventure

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Last weekend, I took Digging for Dementia on its first public outing, to the Society for Abandoned Animals‘ All-Trophy Dog Show. The SAA were lovely enough to offer me a stall at the event in order to further promote Digging for Dementia, and I had such a fantastic day! My stall was rather a mish-mash of fun things; sunflower planting, colouring, and cupcakes for sale, donated by a lovely family friend who needed some voluntary work experience to strengthen a job application. I’m happy to report that she got the job, and her awesome cakes raised £25 for Digging for Dementia! I chatted to lots of people about Digging for Dementia, and everyone was so responsive and supportive. It was really lovely to experience the public response to my little project for the first time, and it was so heartwarming to see so many positive reactions to the project. I also met some staff members and volunteers from a fantastic befriending service for older people, and I’m really excited about the possibility of working with them in the future. The Society for Abandoned Animals delivered such an enjoyable event, and I was really proud to be a part of it. I can’t wait to take Digging for Dementia out on the road again in the near future! Please follow Digging for Dementia on Twitter for updates regarding future events.


And now, some photos of the day’s festivities for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Author: diggingfordementia

A community garden project helping people with dementia to enjoy the outdoors, socialise, stay active, and thrive within their community.

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