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We have land!

I’m excited to report that Digging for Dementia has a plot of land! This morning, I met with the loveliest couple, who had offered some land to the project via the Landshare scheme, and the plot is just perfect. It’s two big raised beds of organic soil, which will be fantastic for people with limited mobility; it’s in Ellesmere Park, which is a great location due to its large population of elderly people; and the couple themselves are so supportive of the project and share my outlook on organic gardening and the therapeutic value of engaging with nature. They’ve even offered a shed and some tools!


Obtaining land via the Landshare scheme was exactly how I envisioned the project; it’s so important to me to involve the community and empower people to become involved in Digging for Dementia, and the response I’ve received so far from asking people to help has made me feel overjoyed and overwhelmed in equal measure. There’s so much kindness in the world, and it’s wonderful to be reminded of that in such a beautiful, tangible way.


Now that we have land, I’ll be recruiting for the project from tomorrow onwards, and aiming to host the first session on 4th May. Feeling like the luckiest person in the world today!



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Welcome to Digging for Dementia!

Hi, and thank you for visiting the Digging for Dementia website! Your interest and support is very much appreciated.


Things are already going full steam ahead at Digging for Dementia HQ; since being established in February 2013, I’ve already had so much support from both the local and online community, and so many people are excited for the official launch of the project! I wanted Digging for Dementia to be a collaborative, community-driven project in every possible way, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Tomorrow, I’m going to be viewing a little plot of organic land, which was offered to the project by a very kind Landshare user, and I’m hopeful that it will be the perfect little plot for Digging for Dementia. I’ve also asked friends, family and supporters to donate unwanted gardening equipment and seeds, in part because I’m eager to minimise the environmental impact of the project by using second-hand equipment when possible, but mostly because I wanted to empower the community to contribute and become involved in the project. If you would like to donate equipment to the project, please feel free to contact me at diggingfordementia@hotmail.co.uk. I’ve been really moved by the generosity of everyone who’s responded so far, and Digging for Dementia is developing in exactly the community-centred direction I envisioned. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of the project, and I look forward to sharing all the developments with you!